Nov 19, 2009

Single Butted

We also have "Single Butted" spokes. If you have any further question for this kind of spoke, please kindly feel free to contact us. We will contact you asap via our

Oct 12, 2009

All kinds of Brass Nipples

We offer all kinds of brass and steel nipples for bikes and motocycles.
Please kindly check our lists. If you have any further question, please kindly
feel free to contact us. Our

Oct 9, 2009

AERO Spokes

High Qualities Aero Spokes

we also can offer individual customers the length of spokes as below:

Sep 30, 2009

How to measure the length of spokes

How to measure the length of spokes.

You only need to measure the staight part (2). Please kindly use rule to measure the staight part.

Sep 27, 2009


We produce moto spokes and nipples, too. These sizes that we offer now: 8G(4mm),9G(3.5mm),10G(3.2mm),11G(2.9mm),12G(2.6mm),13G(2.3mm).

Material: UCP & Stainless.

Aug 24, 2009

Color spokes and Nipples


We have blue, red, orange, purple, white and green spokes and nipples. And, we can offer any length for these color spokes. Regarding nipples length, we have 12mm, 14mm, 16mm.